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Plantation Shutters

Handcrafted plantation shutters – cool, clean and elegant minimal window dressing at its very best.

We have a wide range of plantation shutters that add value to your home as well as providing a contemporary feel.

Shutters provide the ultimate flexibility in controlling the light and air flow into your home whilst allowing you the privacy you desire in an instant.

We have a wide range of stained and painted finishes to give you the perfect ambience for every room.

Shutter Styles


Comprised of two sets of shutters, one set covers the bottom half of the window whilst the other set covers the top. Each half can be operated independently so you can close the bottom set for added privacy whilst opening the top set to allow light and air into the room.


This is a good option for wider windows and doors, allowing you to fold the shutters against the wall like a folding screen so you can admire the view that is revealed.

Full Height

Full height shutters cover the entire height of the window or door for a simple seamless effect.

Cafe style

These shutters cover just the bottom part of the window whilst the upper part of the window remains exposed to give a light and airy feel.

Shutter Video