Curtain Tops

Curtain tops are part of a curtain that attaches to the pole or track. 

They come in assorted styles including eyelets, pencil pleats, wave, and more.

Benefits include uncomplicated installation, sleek appearance, and improved functionality. 

Distinctive styles can also enhance the overall aesthetic of a room.


Curtain eyelets are a type of curtain top with metal rings that slide onto a pole. Benefits include easy movement, reduced friction, and a modern appearance that complements contemporary decor.


Pencil Pleat
Curtains with pencil pleats have tightly gathered fabric at the top that resembles a row of pencils. Benefits include a classic, tailored look, adjustable fullness, and the ability to complement various decor styles.


Pinch Pleat
Curtains with pinch pleats have evenly spaced, small folds that create a tailored, formal look. Benefits include improved draping, easy installation, and the ability to complement traditional decor styles.


Wave Tops
Curtains with a wave top have a continuous, undulating wave-like appearance that requires a specialized track. Benefits include a sleek, modern look, easy movement, and the ability to create a uniform, tailored folds.